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9 Things Savra Belabranta Can Tell You

Some notes for my online group playing in my Princesses of the Apocalypse game.

Member of the Feathergale Knights and (former) ally of the Cult of the Howling Hatred, Savra Belabronta has followed you back to the town of Red Larch, and is willing to share what she knows about "this whole cultist mess in the west".

1. The Feathergale Knights is was a flamboyant order of knights from strongholds all over the west of Remlia. An absolute boys club (until Savra came along), the order commissioned Feathergale Spire as a private club house they could operate out of. They mostly just ride hippogriffs around, hunting monsters, drinking, and telling old war stories.

2. Secretly, the Feathergale Knights were a collection of gay soldiers wanting an 'all male' place to stay in order to get away from the pressures of hetero royal marriages. Savra admits that this is most likely why she wasn't welcome there. Without their leader Thurl Merosska vouching for her, she probably would have been kicked out.

3. Less than two months ago, Merosska promoted Savra to second in command. He explained that the Knights had a new purpose: serving the Air Princess. They were given new armaments, new flying mounts, and new orders. Merosska assured Savra that their new purpose would better the west; that the Feathergale Knights would become the champions of justice they always claimed to be.

Their new orders consisted mostly of spying on other cults and foiling their plans whenever possible (especially the Cult of the Black Earth). They were also to kill, kidnap, or torture anyone who got to close to the underground Air Temple.

Savra explains that she thinks Merosska never really liked the Air Princess, or taking orders from her. She got the impression that the Air Princess wounded his pride. Savra was conflicted about this, because she secretly loved Merosska, but she also holds great respect for the Air Princess, who she felt was "another female noble having to make her own way in the world, just like me".
The Air Princess
4. Savra has never been to the Air Temple proper, or actually met Aerisi Kalinoth, the Air Princess in person, but she does know a bit about its layout and armaments:

  • The temple is built into a long abandoned, underground dwarven city called Gran Besil.
  • The portion of the city the air cultists control is made up of old shoppes and stores, as well as a mausoleum. A great waterway flows through it.
  • It is guarded by a tribe of loyal crow-men, numerous specialized cultists with powerful weapons, and air elementals.
  • She knows that kidnapped commoners are sent to the temple. She thinks they may still be held captive there. 
5. The cult of the Howling Hatred is allied with the Slime Princess, Ice Princess, and occasionally the Cult of the Crushing Wave. They despise the Cult of the Black Earth and their leader Stone Princess, and regularly try to sabotage their training efforts in a nearby haunted site called the Sacred Stone Monastery. *She marks its location on your map*

6. The Cult of the Howling Hatred has been instructed not to interfere with the Slime Princess and the Ice Princess' plans for Port Martel. They have infiltrated the city and its magisters, made the Viscountess disappear, and are planning on marrying off the Viscount to the Ice Princess Yuki in order to solidify their hold on the west. 

7. Each of the cult princesses wields a powerful magical weapon. The Air Princess' one is a spear called Windvane. She doesn't know what it does, but she's heard that Aerisi keeps a collection of mortal victims around to keep it powered up. 

8. All of the princesses and cultists fear the Bone Princess in Gravetown. She is allied with no one...yet.

9. While she didn't take part, Savra had heard that the princesses' take over of the abandoned Gran Besil was met with resistance from a summoned angel. It took their combined effort to repel him, smashing his wing and head with their weapons. The angel used his flaming sword to wound Wave Princess, giving him the opportunity to escape.

They had assumed that the angel had succumbed to his wounds and died, but she says that the Feathergale Knights happened upon a broken angel wandering the hillside. They captured him, but he was stolen away the same night Thurl Merosska was murdered. She says they never got around to sending word to the Air Princess of the angel's survival. 
The angel in question(?)

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