Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lore Garbage: 10 random facts about Remlia

Dungeon Master Appreciation month is nearly over, and I've decided that its end should be celebrated by dungeon masters getting the opportunity to be a little self-indulgent with their settings. Check out the 'rules' of Lore Garbage and how it works on Google+.

Here are 10 random facts about Remlia, the main country of Generica.

1. Paper money. Called "Queenbills", these paper bills have replaced the minted gold and silver coin in Remlia. As such, moneychangers are quite common. This is believed to be caused by a tremendous influx of foreign gold pieces when adventurers from other worlds invaded two centuries ago.

2. Halfling Slaves. Up until recent history, halflings were considered a slave race in Remlia, useful only for toiling away in fields or mills. While slavery has been abolished for almost a hundred years in Remlia, halflings are still commonly associated with farming.

3. Immaculate Conception. The Battlehammer line of queens in Remlia are immaculately conceived. Once crowned, a queen can suddenly become pregnant, and that unborn child is the new 'one true heir'. Any/all children conceived normally by a Battlehammer queen is considered a bastard.

4. Womanly Pursuits. In Remlia, magic and warfare are considered to be female callings. A man may become a wizard or a fighter, but he'll seldom rise in rank to commander or arch-witch. It is a common saying that "...a man's place is in the fields, or behind the counter of a shoppe".

5. Elfheim. The southern city of Elfheim was built as a refuge for escaped slaves from the bordering country of Figaro. Most 'free elves' live there. It is built on the ruins of Gran Turath; a city that sunk into the depths of hell itself, spawning the first Tieflings. Elfheim lies above many dungeons.

6. Gran Remiel. Capitol city of Remlia, Gran Remiel is almost the size of Manhatten, and lies upon an island inside a huge lake. It has been noted that Gran Remiel has more shoppes that sell exotic animal barding and ceremonial knives than it does alehouses and taverns. Nobles and politicians in need of drink send each other bottles of wine through a series of pneumatic tubes that run beneath the city.

7. Cats are Potions. It is believed that most, if not all cats in Remlia are secretly liquid, and become drinkable when a specific command phrase is uttered. All cats are different kinds of magic potions. Mackerel Tabbies become healing tinctures, Bobtails become regenerative salves, Munchkins become shrinking potions, Devon Rexes are potions of polymorph, etc. Tigers and Lions become potions of greater potions of agility and courage, respectively. No one has tried to drink a Rakshasa, yet.

8. Evil Elves. Remlia is currently at war with the southern elven nation of Figaro. Figaro high elves can live to be 1000 years old, but they mentally and emotionally mature at the same rate as humans. There is no 'long view' with elves, and they are seldom patient. They are prone to curmudgeonly behaviours, agist attitudes, narcissism, and eventually madness. Hence why they often become despots and dictators.

9. Crystal Dragon Skulls. All Bahamut ever does is grant wishes. It is said that when the fabled seven crystal dragon skulls are gathered in one place, Bahamut will appear and grant a single "bullshit free" wish. The skulls are thought to be hidden all over Remlia.

10. Firearms. Red Falcon, a notorious group of shady mercenaries in Remlia, are rumoured to have invented the first crude firearms, which they will sell to anyone who pledges to use them to kill the Queen of Remlia (Penelope Escha Battlehammer XIII).

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